$1,597.00 USD

Diagnostic Lab Business PICK & CHOOSE Program

THE DIAGNOSTIC LAB BUSINESS PICK & CHOOSE PROGRAM; is packed and designed to help you start your business the right way! You are more than welcome to pick and choose and/or create a custom package from the list. 
If you do decide to get the whole program list of the package, total cost applies!

We will cover the following important topics:
The course overview is below:
πŸ’₯CLIA Waiver Application & certification, understanding approval process
πŸ’₯Website creation and development (third party vendor liaison)
πŸ’₯NPI registration/NPPES account creation
πŸ’₯Understanding Credentialing process (third party vendor)
πŸ’₯EHR Systems/ Patient Health Record
πŸ’₯Intake, consents and standard operational forms 
πŸ’₯Standard list of services in diagnostics lab
πŸ’₯Test Menu, Waiver Tests & CPT Codes
πŸ’₯Collaborative Provider& it’s benefits in diagnostic lab business
πŸ’₯Payment systems processing
πŸ’₯Customizable Policies & Procedure
πŸ’₯Marketing strategies & techniques
πŸ’₯C/Third party Administration (Drug testing version)vendors list, Contracts & contracts
πŸ’₯C/Third Party (phlebotomy/clinical version) vendors list, contracts and contacts
πŸ’₯DOT Training, Mock & Certification.
πŸ’₯DOT Train the trainer & Certificate
πŸ’₯Hair collection Specimen training
πŸ’₯DNA training & vendor Contracts
πŸ’₯Nursing home & doctor offices contract templates
πŸ’₯Supply list & free 1 month access to my VIPCLUB Group