5 Week Mentorship Program With Coach Eli

The 5 weeks mentorship program is designed to assist in navigating the complex systems of the industry.

At the end of the 5th week, the mentee will be ready to focus and start his/her business right away.  Coach Eli meets with mentee every week for a total of 5 sessions, every meeting session can range from an 1-1.5 hour/session. Mentee has full access to Coach Eli for the duration of 5 weeks via one-on-one calls, email and texting.

$1799 option 1 (All in black print)

$2599 option 2 (All in black and green print)

Program Services overview includes:

  • Mentee will receive training on how to become a DOT Specimen Collector and receive their certificate upon successful demonstration of the 5 mock competencies. (Online access)
  • Mentee will be assisted to set up a lab-based toxicology account in order to perform drug screens services, this is also considered as the Mentee personal or house account. 
  • Mentee will receive2 major TPAs information in order to set up as a collection site for TPAs such as (EScreen and FormFox). Establishments with TPAs, allows customer/donor referrals for urine drug test
  • Mentee will receive 1-2 fingerprinting vendors to establish fingerprinting service. 
  • Mentee will receive 1-2 DNA service vendors to establish DNA services, one as a reseller & the other as collector and/or collection site. (Online access)
  • Mentee will receive phlebotomy service vendors' resources to establish phlebotomy services.
  • Mentee will get CLIA application completion assistance. Approval of CLIA Application comes directly from the state department.
  • Mentee will receive resources and guide in order to establish allergy and EKG services based on resources in coach's clinical eBook.
  • Payment processing, invoicing clients both online and electronic set up payment (Bonus with 2nd package) 
  • TPA Contracts (Available by location only)
  • Mentee will receive 1 Gender Reveal vendor resource to establish Gender reveal services.
  • Mentee will receive CLIA Lab Policies & Procedures, customizable edition. 
  • Assistance with NPI Registration Number 
  • Credentialing, connection to a third-party vendor (Extra Bonus)
  • Mentee will receive DOT Urine Policy and Specimen Collection Guidelines packet (CFR 49 PART 40) a packet from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance. 
  • Mentee will receive training and NOX certificate of completion on hair drug testing.
  • Mentee will be able to add paramedical services to offer diagnostic lab services to life insurance-solely a paid services less requirements on marketing, yet a highly in demand services.
  • Mentee will receive resources to be able to offer I-9 & Background check services. 
  • Mentee will receive marketing strategies training on how drug testing business is marketed to the right audience.  
  • Mentee will receive operational documents such as consent to treat form, drug test results template form, Specimen Collector Lab List, Scripts and SAP Providers, Operator's Lab manual, I-9 Verification template form, intake forms, drug screen display signs and sign-in sheet template.
  • Mentee will receive supplies lists. 
  • Mentee will be connected to 1 women leader entrepreneurship program a nationwide leadership mentorship program sponsored by Wells-Fargo
  • 1-month UNLIMITED free access to VIP GROUP

What People Are Saying:

Coach Eli is a very knowledgeable and confident coach. She always wants to ensure you have what you need to succeed. Thanks for sharing your insight as I embark on this new journey!

Alero Michelle

Coach Eli is awesome you leave her with understanding thank you for taking me to the next level I have the knowledge and feel confident on this new journey

Andrea Harvey Jones

Coach is the real MVP. she really educates encourages and follows treat others how you want to be treated. Her gift will make room for her

Dexteria Jenkins

Coach Eli was amazing! She was very informative and extremely interactive with the class. She is training a lot of leaders in this industry! I’m looking forward to joining her mentorship as well as the train the trainer course.

Sharnetta Lavonne Bennett

Highly recommend Coach Eli. Her passion for helping others is immediately felt when speaking with her. She is a wealth of knowledge. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the class she taught. I’m eager to implement all the things she taught!

Shanele Healy

Big thanks to Coach Eli for guiding me in setting up my lab for drug, CLIA waived testing and DNA services. Her knowledge and support made the startup journey smoother. From regulations to operations, Coach Eli provided practical insights and tailored advice. I highly recommend Coach Eli for anyone starting a similar venture. Thank you, Coach Eli, for your invaluable help in my entrepreneurial journey!

Minata Saddy

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Coach Eli's "Launch Your Diagnostic Lab Business" mentorship class, and I can't recommend it enough! This course was a game-changer for me. Coach Eli's expertise and guidance were invaluable. The curriculum was well-structured, and the hands-on approach allowed me to apply what I learned immediately. With Coach Eli's support, I gained the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully launch my diagnostic lab business. It's a 5-star course without a doubt!


$1,799.00 USD