$8,999.00 USD

NOT INCLUDED in the fee:

  • Clia coupon fees
  • Lab start-up fees
  • Credentialing fees
  • TPA start-up fees...

No refunds. No transfers. No exemption.

Turnkey Program

 What you'll get:

  • 3-month access to DOT Specimen Collector and receive their certificate upon successful demonstration of the 5 mock competencies.
  • 3-month access to DNA Business Course and certificate of completion
  • 3-month access to a Hair Follicle Drug testing course and a certificate of completion
  • 3-month access to the MROA course online
  • Establish a DNA service account; one as a reseller & collection site.
  • Establish a phlebotomy service vendor to establish phlebotomy services.
  • Will get both the clinical ebook and the How to Start a Diagnostic Lab Ebook
  • Establish a Gender Reveal service account
  • Referral to a TPA for insurance credentialing
  • Access to StateLead consult presentation Course and private group chat
  • Mentee will receive the DOT Urine Policy and Specimen Collection Guidelines packet (CFR 49 PART 40) a packet from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance.
  • Mentee will get the paramedical services to offer diagnostic lab services to life insurance-solely paid services with fewer requirements on marketing, yet highly in-demand services.
  • Mentee will be provided with an establish I-9 and background check services, done for you
  • Mentee will receive marketing strategies training on how drug testing business is marketed to the right audience.
  • Mentee will receive operational documents such as consent to treat form, drug test results template form, Specimen Collector Lab List, Scripts and SAP Providers, Operator's Lab manual, I-9 Verification template form, intake forms, drug screen display signs and sign-in sheet template.
  • Mentee will receive additional Forms such as Business proposal, Phlebotomist contract, Lab service agreement, Provider (NP or MD) contract, Drug screen consent non-dot, Biometric screening, Home draw request, Group home draw request, Hippa compliance form, Patient Intake, Patient agreement.
  • Mentee will receive supplies lists and vendors to purchase supplies
  • Mentee will attend teeth whitening training and receive vendor list and operational forms such as consent to release and student to treatment forms
  • Mentee will be connected to 1 Women Leader Entrepreneurship Program a nationwide leadership mentorship program sponsored by Wells Fargo