What You’re Going to Get…

  • Entity Registration (Register for your business LLC, apply for Ein, Done for You)
  • NPI registration(Register for an NPI number, Done for you)
  • Licensing Assistance (Apply for CLIA through your state (Register for CLIA, Done for you)
    Policies and Procedure (We will customize CLIA Lab and Drug Testing Policies and Procedures to your business formation, Done for you)
  • Lab Account Set up (We will set up one Toxicology Lab Account with a reputable¬† reference lab, Done for you)
  • TPA partnership (We will set up a collection site agreement with a major TPA, done for you)
  • Marketing material and Website (We will build a business website, and create a logo, business card and business flyer, Done for you)
  • Operation forms packet (This packet includes all your standard operation forms, and signs, that you will need to load and execute your administrative office fully)

Coach Eli's Turnkey Homecare Agency StartUp Package:


  • 3-month access to DOT Specimen Collector and receive their certificate¬†upon successful¬†demonstration of the 5 mock competencies.
  • 3-month access to DNA Business Course and certificate of completion
  • 3-month access to a Hair Follicle Drug testing course and a certificate of completion
  • 3-month access to the MROA course online
  • Establish a DNA service account; one as a reseller & collection site.
  • Establish a phlebotomy¬†service vendor to establish phlebotomy¬†services.
  • Will get both the clinical ebook and the How to Start a Diagnostic Lab Ebook
  • Establish a Gender Reveal service account
  • Referral to a TPA for insurance credentialing
  • Access to StateLead consult presentation Course and private group chat
  • Mentee will receive the DOT Urine Policy and Specimen¬† Collection Guidelines packet (CFR 49 PART 40) a packet from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance.
  • Mentee will get the paramedical services to offer diagnostic lab services to life insurance-solely paid services with fewer requirements on marketing, yet highly in-demand services.
  • Mentee will be provided with an establish I-9 and background check services, done for you
  • Mentee will receive marketing strategies training on how drug testing business¬†is marketed¬†to the right audience.
  • Mentee will receive operational documents such as consent to treat form,¬† drug test results template form, Specimen Collector Lab List, Scripts and SAP Providers, Operator's Lab manual,¬† I-9 Verification template form, intake forms, drug screen display signs and sign-in sheet template.
  • Mentee will receive additional Forms such as¬†Business proposal, Phlebotomist contract, Lab service agreement, Provider (NP or MD) contract, Drug screen consent non-dot, Biometric screening, Home draw request, Group home draw request, Hippa compliance form, Patient Intake, Patient agreement.
  • Mentee will receive supplies lists and vendors to purchase supplies
  • Mentee will attend teeth whitening training and receive vendor list and operational forms such as consent to release and student to treatment forms
  • Mentee will be connected to 1 Women Leader Entrepreneurship Program a nationwide leadership mentorship program sponsored by Wells Fargo


*NOT INCLUDED in the fee:

clia coupon fees, lab start-up fees, credentialing fees, TPA start-up fees...

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